Liz McShane is a writer. Her main interest is YA novels, but she also dabbles in poetry, short stories and creative non-fiction. If she’s not blogging about books or literary events, then she will be (or should be!) working on her YA speculative fiction manuscript.

She created this blog to share her experiences as an emerging writer. Liz will cover literary events (workshops, seminars and festivals) and share her rejection and (hopefully) publishing experiences. She will also post book/film reviews.

Published Works and Achievements

  • Personal essay, ‘Becoming a Motherless Mum’, published in Kidspot, September 06, 2017
  • Short story, ‘Sticky Date Surprise’, published in The Regal Fox, August 22, 2016
  • Short story, ‘Eve’, published in Slink Chunk Press, April 18, 2016
  • Review, ‘Pathways to Publication’, Victoria University, Sunday, 31 August, 2014
  • Play script, ‘Have Your Cake’, published in Gargouille, Spring 2014
  • Personal essay published in Other States of Mind, The Rag & Bone Man Press, 2014
  • I was one of four blogging partners for the 2014 Emerging Writers’ Festival (alongside Claire Alice Young, Twitchy Corner and Meghan Brewster)
  • Poem, ‘Playing Possum’, published in dot dot dash, ‘Ugly’, duckduckdash, 2009
  • Creative non-fiction, ‘Christmas Blows’, published in  Voiceworks, #68, ‘Rat Race’, Express Media, 2007
  • Poem, ‘Only Dog’s Noses Know’, published in  Even More Poems to Make You Puke by Tulip Kilbourne & friends, BlueCatBooks, 2001.

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Professional Writing – Deakin University  (2007)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Professional Writing & Literature – Deakin University (2004–2006)
  • Diploma of Arts – Professional Writing and Editing – Box Hill TAFE (2001–2002)





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    • Yeah, it’s sad that it’s gone. It was a great inclusive classroom environment with a strong emphasis on workshopping, whereas uni was more heavily theory-based. Highlight of TAFE was workshopping classmates’ novels and seeing Dorothy Porter read extracts from Monkey’s Mask.

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